Friday, 25 May 2012

New Set date safari (SOLD OUT) to Zambia's Kafue With Tony Mckeith.

Welcome to the wonderful Kafue national park in western Zambia. And our very popular 9 night safari. We Have just added a new date just at the end of the safari season when the bush is at it's most dramatic and the sky is full of great cumulus clouds. Led through out by Tony Mckeith and also staying with Tyrone Mckeith at the beautiful Plains Camp. A chance to visit the Kafue with it's most experienced and passionate team.
We arrange this safari as a set date starting on 27th Oct or you can enjoy the itinerary on dates that suit you unescorted but with our assurance that everything is carefully planned for you from start to finish. Whether looked after by our colleagues in this collection of small privately owned safari camps or escorted throughout by one of our team who have a passion for the Kafue and great deal of safari experience in the region, they will ensure that you do not have anything to concern yourself with, apart from getting the best possible photos of the varied and interesting wildlife we aim to encounter on this unusual and interesting safari.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

How to avoid single traveler supplement charges

Look for this symbol throughout our website to quickly identify the many safaris we offer which avoid extra charges for solo safari travellers. We arrange many safaris for single travelers, and apart from working hard to avoid unreasonable extra charges we like to reassure solo travelers that their safari experience will not be a lonely one, the camps we use on the whole are small and pretty informal, where meals are taken together with the camp managers and other guests and where your guides will ensure that your interests are taken into consideration. Many of our solo traveling guests return year after year to enjoy our wildlife safaris for their interest and variety but also because of our seamless arrange
ments and reassurances. Call and speak to one of our friendly team.

Can you spot the difference between night and day

Am I the only one who thinks that if a safari is described as 7 nights it should mean 7 nights on safari ? and not 4 nights on safari with 3 days traveling.... Well it turns out that some of the more financially motivated travel agents think you won't notice, well not before you have emotionally committed to the trip. I saw an hilarious example recently where day 1 described the journey from your home to the Airport - Followed by 4 nights (bearly time to unpack on safari) day 6 was spent getting back to the airport to catch the homeward flight and day 7 describes the homeward flight, landing and getting from the airport back home. Now apart from being boarder line rip off it shows just what they think of their customers. And you dont have to be an expert to guess you might even be paying the same as if you had been on safari for the full 7 nights. So before you think about that 7 night safari just count the days and ask your self what you are really getting. Tony.....