Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Wildlife Tracking Course, Botswana

For the rawest, most exciting bush experience that one could wish for. . . We at Busanga are really excited about this safari as we feel it offers something special in the way of wildlife experiences and encounters. Tracking wildlife on foot is for most of us what dreams are made off, spending hours in the bush watching and listening, walking quietly, picking up hints that lead you with luck and patience to encounters with wildlife that you will remember for ever. This two-week experience does that, in a way that takes you back to the raw basics of life in the wild and provides you with a really in-depth understanding of the bush which is so hard to achieve on a shorter and more expensive safari holiday
This unique safari experience takes you in to the bush of Southern Botswana to learn the skills of the bush tracker on a two week safari amongst the big game and smaller creatures of this beautiful and wonderfully wild region. Aimed primarily at teaching you tracking skills whilst allowing you to spend time in the vast wilderness of the Tuli Block in Botswana; along similar lines as explorers once did in a bygone era. You will be constantly learning and you will have the opportunity to practice and test your skills as this is a very pro active experience, no sitting back you will be involved. You will be tested along the way but there are no exam papers or pressure to achieve , rather you are encouraged to enjoy the experience and learn as you go. The first week is orientated predominantly around track identifications as this is the first step in tracking. The second week sees every participant given the opportunity to lead the group in an attempt to track down a high-profile animal (elephant, leopard, lion, cheetah or hyaena). Coaching will be given to the tracker of the day assisted by our highly-skilled course leaders. You will be accompanied through out by a very well qualified professional guide with simply years of experience in Tuli and who will also be your tutor, these guys know so much it is amazing, they want to impart there knowledge and you can not fail to absorb there interest and enthusiasm for wildlife and the bush.

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