Sunday, 18 July 2010


Hello and welcome to our short news update. We plan to try to add news and interesting sightings to this link on a regular basis.
There is a lot happening
at the moment. The safaris which I am guiding in September are attracting a lot of bookings and are nearly all full but we are looking at adding new dates for this season and will certainly be adding more dates for next year, Set date & Guided safaris will be a big part of our future plans including Green season safaris in Zambia. We will continue to add carefully picked and arranged new safaris which give our guests the opportunity to enjoy only really interesting and varied wildlife safaris.
Our very latest safari ideas include A safari to see the Great Wildebeest Migration staying in a temporary bush camp operated for us by the same team who provide camps to the film crews and photographers that come to the Mara and need good guides and access to the heart of the action. Also great value offered for a 10 night safari staying at 5 camps to explore the South Luangwa in Zambia, our guests rave about this safari and we think that doing this at the end of the dry season as the bush cries out for rain is an exceptional experience.

Have a look around our website for inspiration but do feel free to call to speak to us we are around 7 days a week and always happy to hear from you.

With the dry season beginning to settle in and more guests heading of on safari the reports of interesting and unusual sightings are starting to come in. Tyrone (our man in the Kafue) has been keeping us updated " Set off with guest for game drive in late afternoon, we spotted 3 Cheetah hunting Impala and watching close by were 2 Lionesses probably hoping to steal a kill and not far away Hyena watching the Lions !. Later I spotted a family of Bush Pigs these guys are usually so hard to find. Soon after we found a pair of mating Lions. Later with the spotlight I picked up a Leopard hunting a Puku he was relaxed but we kept distance and left him to it. Back to camp and amazingly we had Leopards mating outside Chalet 3 and if that was not enough 2 Lionesses passed right through camp after dinner for all to see..."
In Botswana The consistently high flood waters have helped to caused the Savute channel to continue to flow. This will mean game and predators will move into the drier areas adjacent to water as the dry season goes on and drama will unfold. Wild dog were the main focus of excitement this month. The guides in the Kwando concession have discovered the den site of a pack of four dogs, and nine puppies. The three adults were seen regularly on Kudu kills as they constantly hunted to feed the alpha female and her young. Guests have been lucky to have been able to visit and observe the interaction between dogs and puppies throughout the month. Lion were also extremely active in the region, and among individual sightings, a pride of 5 Lions and 2 cubs killed Warthog, Zebra and a Giraffe all within the space of three days! The first Buffalo herds have also begun to arrive from the wetlands to the north as the rainwater filled pans begin to dry out.

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