Tuesday, 31 August 2010

NEWS ! Wild Black Rhino Sighted In Zambia

We are so happy to be able to pass on a report of a sighting of truly wild Black Rhino in Zambia's remote North Luangwa, spotted by a guide from Mwaleshi and guests , they first thought they were looking at Elephants in the distance but soon realised they were looking at a mother & Calf, naturally they were massively excited and reported the sighting immediately.
These rare Black Rhino were last seen in Zambia in the very early 1980's when they were poached to extinction. Since 2003 a re introduction program was set up by the Frankfurt Zoological Society who brought back Rhino to a 300 km sq boma in the north, north Luangwa. Living wild the Rhino suffered some natural deaths but also 3 completely wild calves have been born, monitored closely in the boma the Rhino now appear to have moved out in to the great wilderness and this sighting marks a change for the north , safaris will not be the same again. We have always promoted the north as one of the last great wilderness destinations, an achingly wild place with hardly any visitors yet dramatic wildlife. We have lots of experience of safari in Zambia and the Luangwa valley as a whole, we often use Mwaleshi camp as our base in the North and also the few small camps which operate here, so please feel free to get in touch to discuss a safari to the North & South Luangwa.

This photo was taken by Tony on a visit to the Boma in 2005

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