Sunday, 17 October 2010

Tyrone at home with the Busanga Lions

When Tyrone was around 10 I took him on safari to Zambia and we visited the Kafue for a week or two and we spent some wonderful days on the Busanga
plains following herds of Buffalo and watching the Lions,in awe of the drama that is the Busanga. 12 years later with Busanga Safaris help our clients to experience the best wildlife encounters and Tyrone with a university degree under his belt,he is managing a simply beautiful bush camp in the heart of the plains, where his deceptivly hard work keeping camp running smoothly for the guest lucky enough to have chosen the Busanga as a safari destination. His work also alows for a great deal of wildlife encounters from vehichle and often on foot as some of the local resident Lions use camp as a base during teritorial patrols or even you camp as a place from which to ambush passing Lechwe antelope. (see previous blog about Comedy Dave). As the season goes on so the Lions and Tyrone become used to each other and so it was not surprising to hear that Tyrone recntly found two young Lions had run amock in his office/radio room turning over tables and chairs and re wireing the radio! Now it appears they use the raised wooden walk way which crosses a swamp river to avoid getting wet feet ! A recent game drive ended as usual with guests about to step down and begin the walk to camp when in the beam of the Landrovers lights Tyrone noticed several univited guests already on the way to camp, yep you guessed it!

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