Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Congo Gorilla Safari. Oct 2011. The ultimate wildlife adventure.

Fifteen days of adventure on a journey into the remote tropical rainforests of central Africa is a trip definitely not for the faint-hearted, where undoubtedly, the most spectacular animal is the barrel-chested Lowland Gorilla with a distinct crown of reddish-chestnut hair. Large areas of these forests are undisturbed with Forest Elephant, monkeys in the canopy, antelope, birdlife and are sparcely populated with Bantu and Ba Aka Pygmy tribes
The recent discovery of clearings (known as Bais) far away from areas ever explored by white men has proved to be one of, if not the greatest, wild discoveries for decades. Here in the marshy clearings where sunlight has been able to reach the forest floor and where grasses and Papyrus can grow, forest Elephants gather to feed and socialize and in doing so keep these oasis of light open as lush feeding grounds for previously unstudied groups of remarkable Lowland Gorillas.

This trip includes Nouabale-Ndoki and Dzanga-Sangha National Parks at the famous Mbeli and Dzanga bais. We enter a pristine region full of wildlife. Here we spend time watching Lowland Gorillas and forest Elephants amongst a myriad of other rarely seen and quite beautiful forest wildlife and birds from the comfort of miradors [Large covered viewing platforms]. We also spend time tracking gorillas on foot with Ba-aka Pygmy trackers. A highlight of the trip is an uncontrived day spent with the Ba-aka, joining them on a traditional net hunt, and gaining an insight into the medicinal and food plants of the forest and perhaps food preparation and shelter building.

This is an adventurous safari and a basic level of fitness is required as you will be climbing in and out of Pirogues (dugout canoes) and walking in forest trails, you will at times be hot, uncomfortable (numb bums in canoes) and probably wet, you will also probably be bitten by the odd mozi, but this is the Congo. We will travel in 4 x 4 wheel drive vehicles, motorised pirogues, small pirogues powered by Pygmy and Bantu tribesmen, and on foot into the remotest parts of the jungle, and yet your accommodation will be surprisingly comfortable with private bathroom facilities and cold drinks.


  1. Gorillas are such amazing creatures and thanks also for the Gorilla trekking rwandarules and tips which should be common sense for visitors, but so important to remember none the less!

  2. yes, adventure on a journey into the remote tropical rainforests of central Africa is a trip definitely. And i like to go to gorilla safaris