Sunday, 29 May 2011

Busanga Safaris promotes the Kafue

When other safari companies are thinking of nothing but selling more safaris we are thinking just as hard about first promoting those special places where rare or interesting wildlife occurs in the hope to inspire visitors to safari with us to see for themselves.
No more so than in Zambia's Kafue. Inspired by it's remoteness and varied wildlife we arranged our first safaris to there about a decade ago, it was good then but how it has changed. The wildlife numbers are greater and we know lots more about the diversity and distribution. There are still few safari camps in what after all is Africa's 2nd largest national park and those that are there are sensitivly managed and contribute to the welfare of the park and it's wildlife. Yet although visitor numbers have increased a little, and in truth we don't want too many ! the Kafue remains under promoted, and so when ever we get a chance to help it's profile we are happy to step up. Our Tyrone, who you may know lives in the Kafue and manages the wonderful little Busanga Plains Camp, has recently been contributing his words and experience to write and update the pages dedicated to the Kafue on the official Zambia Tourisum website and has also features about the Kafue to Wildlife extra the highly regarded wildlife magazine, including an article on the return of the Elephants , and giving a talk about the Kafue in London at the Adventure Travel Live show, which was very well received and led to experienced safari goers choosing to visit, and further offers to talk, which will have to wait for another time. Back in Zambia Tyrone has found time to compile a comprehensive wildlife guide to the Kafue which is being contributed to produce a guide book for sale to visitors, the revenue will be ploughed back in to managment and wildlife protection in the Kafue. Although his exploits at the jaws of a crocodile, looking after the first Lady, swimming across the Busanga plains and encounters with lions in the office would probably also sell well but that's also for another time.

We would love to show you the Kafue why not this year?

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