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Hello from the bush ...... Zambia feature

Interesting, varied, dramatic, exciting, beautiful, all words which describe the wildlife of Zambia, but all can also be applied to the landscape and it's people.

No wonder that Zambia remains our most popular safari destination.
It is a simple fact that no other UK safari company has such a personal hands on link with Zambian safaris, not just offering a large but also carefully thought out choice of safari ideas across all of Zambia's key destinations, but also personally managing two really special safari camps in the vast and dramatic Kafue national park where Tyrone is managing the beautiful Plains camp, and the simply wonderful South Luangwa, where in the shade of a Rain tree overlooking a river heaving with hippo, I am writing this newsletter.

We at Busanga Safaris are uniquely placed to offer the best advice to our clients travelling to Zambia on safari and provide on the ground travel assistance if required. Also to arrange safari itineraries not just at the camps we manage, but also we offer completely unbiased advice and ideas which include all of the best safari camps across Zambia (and beyond) ensuring that visitors get a safari which will best suit them.

It's not all bush life for us though and at our office in the UK we have been investing in some very clever computer equipment to improve communications and booking systems that help insure no hiccups.

We have also been listening to our clients who have been increasingly asking us to assist in arranging their safaris from start to finish including flights and so are investing a great deal of time and money to be able to provide our guests with a one stop for all of your fully bonded flights and travel arrangements, giving complete financial security, we will tell you ore about that when everything is in place around October.

I hope you enjoy this newsletter and are inspired to visit Zambia soon.

Please drop me a line with any questions or ideas you may have, or just to hear about what is happening here in the bush, it is always nice to hear from you.


Unexpected Wildlife Encounters

Leopards leopards everywhere. Well that what it feels like this year, sightings are very common and always exciting. Guests have enjoyed record numbers of sightings including 11 different Leopards spotted (excuse pun) in just 8 days in the Valley.
With this many cat sightings guests have witnessed some unexpected behaviour.

A female leopard was seen successfully hunting a Puku fawn which instead of killing she carried in to a thicket and began to tease the baby in to making a distress call which attracted an adult close to investigate which she then tried unsuccessfully to hunt, we were surprised then when the Leopard returned to the young puku and carried it still alive to another bush and attempted the same thing again! again missing but clearly showing it was no fluke, she did eventually kill and eat the young puku.
Early morning game drive found a male Leopard being courted by not one but two beautiful females both in season and flirting like mad, doing his best to keep everyone happy he went from one to the other mating with both for some time before having to climb a tree to get any peace, leaving the two females to briefly fight it out before slipping away, no doubt not far.
Another pair were seen mating obligingly close to our vehicle giving clients great photo opportunities when we noticed three Lions stalking the pre occupied pair, fortunately and typically for cats the mating is brief, exactly for this reason, and they noticed just in time to both bolt up a tree just far enough to avoid the Lions.
Some of the lesser predators like Genets can provide interesting sightings but don't have it all their own way, a Gennet was being watched recently foraging in the early evening, when in the blink of an eye a giant Eagle owl swooped down and took the unsuspecting creature in to a tree, and well you can imagine the rest.
Marshal eagles always generate a lot of reaction from other birds, squirrels, monkeys and baboons. The presence of a juvenile eagle was loudly announced by a large male baboon, as it landed in a small old tree adjacent to the dining deck at Kafunta during lunch. The baboon ran, barking loudly, across a 100 mtrs of open plain intent on the eagle as it neared the eagle took off and so did the baboon who leapt up to grab it just brushing it's tail feathers, the eagle landed on another tree and the baboon continued his chase this time the eagle did not wait and glided away across the plain scattering a heard of Puku.

Elephants of course always provide interest and action. A great bull elephant who we meet often at Island Bush Camp was encountered on a narrow track in a mopane woodland, standing, but fast asleep with his trunk resting on the ground as we approached he woke just long enough to shake his head at us and then we noticed as he stood just a few mtrs from the car we noticed that his eyes became heavy and his trunk relaxed and he went back to sleep, leaving us stranded and whispering so as not to wake him, we took the chance to break out a flask of coffee and enjoy the sound of the bush and the gentle rumbling of the elephant.

Every day creates just such unexpected and magical encounters, why not come and have some of your own.

Safari Ideas - Guided trips & Costs

Although clients are already booking to safari in 2012 it is not too late to escape to Africa this year, so why not have a look at some of our suggested Zambia safari ideas and maybe take advantage of our 10% discount on our Bush Experience safaris for late bookings (booked 40 days prior to travel, subject to availability), which always generate great feed back from our clients.

2012 is very exciting for us at Busanga with many exciting plans. We continue offering our selection of small group escorted safaris, designed to get the very best from a safari to Zambia.

Guests will be able to visit the Kafue, the Luangwa or a combination of both. We will also be offering safaris to the Kasanka national park and Bangweulu for the more adventourus birders ! and some fantastic award winning mobile safari options.
We will be updating our website with the dates and plans for our set date safaris for next year, if you would like to hear first please just drop us a line and we will get back as the information becomes availabile.

You will be able to meet us at the Destinations Travel Show at Londons Earls Court in early Febuary 2012 and also at The Adventure Travel Live show in London where Tyrone will also be giving an interesting, lighthearted and inspiring talk on the Kafue and in particular his home in the Bush the Busanga Plains.

We continue to try to avoid charging no single supplement on our guided safaris and on very nearly all of our tailored itineraries in Zambia, which means although travelling alone you are taken care of from start to finish and are not paying any more than you should.

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