Thursday, 21 January 2010

Iberian Lynx photo

Hi All
I thought you would like to share in one of my life's unforgettable experiences with the world's rarest cat - Iberian Lynx.
After almost knocking the animal over we watched astonished as it nonchalantly padded it's way parallel to the car (5-6m away) and then dropped down an embankment. We got out and again watched it through binoculars for the next half an hour as it walked slowly away through the undergrowth before coming to rest right out in the open. It was incredible and more so because my camera has been going faulty the last couple of days and I had just two goes to get one shot, which under the circumstances I am extremely proud of - hope you like it too.
Take care and good luck for 2010 to you all.
Cheers Jules

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