Monday, 4 January 2010

Liuwa Plains - 'The Last Lioness'

If you are after that bit of adventure and fancy visiting a place where only a few privileged visitors do, then check out our Liuwa Plains safari. This remote and stunning national park in the South West of Zambia is also the base for the National Geographic Wild documentary ‘The Last Lioness’ (shown on 30th January). The documentary is testament to this fascinating place with its vast herds of migrating wildebeest and enormous clans of hungry Hyeana to the story of Lady Liuwa, the last lioness of the plains. We have trips to visit this special place for 2010, leaving in May, June, November and December. If you are interested in visiting Liuwa Plains then feel free to contact us at Busanga Safaris.

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  1. I want liuwa lady soon finds his life,,, now,,, and I would support it even though it is impossible