Monday, 22 February 2010

The Busanga Plains with Tyrone McKeith

A safari to the Busanga Plains with Tyrone McKeith.

Special Offer only £1450 5 nights 2 nights Mukambi 3 Nights Plains Camp inc transfers all Inc

Other itineraries available check our website or get in touch for a tailored itinerary.

The Busanga plains is a very special place, for much of the year the vast plains are mostly submerged below seasonal flood waters, dotted with islands of acacia and fan palms like desert islands in an ocean. And then in may / june when the waters subside a vast open grass land plain is revealed , dissected in places by steams and gullies, impossible to navigate with out experience and local knowledge. The lush grazing draws great herds of game on to the plains and now the islands become the home of Lions who scan the plains for game. The variety of wildlife on the Busanga Plains is surprising with opportunities to see some very unusual Antelope including with luck, Sitatunga & Sable. And some wonderful predators, Lion of course but also Wild dog and Leopard, Serval and may be just may be Caracal!. And the Birdlife? Wattled Crane, swirling towers of open billed stork, and in the grass Coucal and rosy throated long claw. And what wont you see? other people ! the plains still only have a small number of camps in the whole 750km2 and the number of visitors are minimal.

This year we at Busanga Safaris are on a mission to encourage you to visit the beautiful Kafue and the Busanga Plains and spend some time just getting to know this place. To add to your safari experience Busanga Safaris very own Tyrone McKeith will be based in what is his "Favourite Place" far up on the Busanga at 'The Plains Camp' this small but very comfortable tented bush camp sits on an island of Figtrees away even from the other camps on the plains and in a prime wildlife location.

Tyrone's enthusiastiasum and passion for wildlife is well known and his period as manager at 'Island Bush camp' in the South Luangwa last year which he took up with in days of graduating from University with a degree in Wildlife Conservation. drew many compliments and the beginning of a recognition which will see him follow in the steps of some of the best known in the safari game.

We have a choice of safari ideas which can include a longer stay (7 days) at the Plains Camp or which incorporate some other hand picked camps in other area's of the Kafue such as Hippo Lodge which provide the visitor with a well rounded Kafue safari experience.

We have space available on our September Kafue Safari. but can arrange dates to suit you, with some periods of August seeing camps in the Kafue/busanga already filling up we would encourage you to enquire early.

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