Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Jealous ? me.... no way - not a bit .... well ok, a little

jealous ? me.... no way not a bit .... well ok, a little. Alright yes I am .

Tyrone's latest stint in the office here in Blighty finished on Wednesday when he flew south to Zambia to base himself at the "Plains camp" in the beautiful Kafue National Park up on the Busanga Plains where our company first arranged safaris a decade ago. Tyrone will be managing this small but very comfortable tented bush camp in his enthusiastic way hosting & guiding guests as they explore the dramatic and vast open grasslands, home to great herds of Red Lechwe & Buffalo and their eternal enemies, Lions. For the next month or so it is a waiting game and Tyrone will be found at Mukambi (base camp for the Plains) working hard on his spotting skills for the benefit of guests staying at this all season river lodge. As soon as water levels drop Tyrone will be heading (wading) to the figtree island where camp will be built and although Comms will be hard to establish to begin with we will be adding updates to our blog / website as the season progresses. We already have some set date safaris arranged for September and itineraries which will visit the North Kafue to stay at the Plains camp and which also explore the wood land and rivers of the North Kafue. This is real africa with few other people for miles and great wildlife. Get in touch with Tony or Clare for details of set dates and itineraries.

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